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The results posted herein are unaudited and subject to rejection by the members. Full names are rarely used to protect the innocent and the inept. All complaints should be registered with League Management. Anyone who takes this site seriously needs serious and immediate medical attention.


Results by Terry, Captain’s Log, Friday, May 2, 2014
It was another interesting day at the Resort with the wind, the sun like it was July and all the course groundskeepers working so hard on our course as promised (that is a joke, saw no one).  We were scheduled for 20 players, lost Billy to an earlier northern departure flight and we wish him well for the summer and lost Richie early this morning to the dentist but carried on with 18.

We had several new players in our group today and we welcome them – Bob Trinchetto, Ed Rubin, Ron Promer, Steve Cohen and even Stu Brown joined us today.  Dave was back after a lengthy absence traveling to visit the grand-son and a stop in Maui to play golf.
We played a team stableford game which had a very interesting result – the winning team of Jon, Mike Levy, Todd and Ron Promer with a +7, then 3 teams tied for 2nd at zero – Marv, Jeff and Hank; Elliot, Stu R and Stu B; and Peter, Ed, Eric and Jeff Chase.  I have redacted the 5th place group’s score although it was a great score for winning a 2 best ball game; Steve Cohen, Bob T, Dave and myself.  Jeff S – I have your big $7 winnings
There were 7 skins won today – Marv and Eric both had 2 and Eric did spell “validate” for us, and one each to Jon W (Mike has your $20), Dave and Ron.
Golf Stereotypes:
Saturday, March 8, 2014 Results by Terry: Doral type winds all afternoon, this morning we had an early chill of 56 deg that warmed up to a 74 with beautiful blue skies and very little wind.  Just ask Marty about the chill as he came with only his polo shirt (and pants), caught a deep chill and did not warm up until the 2nd nine.

Our weekly Best Dressed Golfer award was won today by Elliot, who was adorned in a very suave “shades of blue” outfit, occasionally accented by billows of gray smoke.  Eric has accused the good doctor of renting the outfit yesterday from a nearby thrift store and returning it immediately after the round.   Total cost – $5 to wash out his winnings!   There was an honorable mention that went to Marv with his almost equally marv-elous outfit.
The winning group by a long shot, actually by 13 shots at +13 was Steve, Elliot, Harv and Rich.   Rich is on a good string of great rounds including an 83 today finally bringing his handicap back down to the old, or is that young, days.   2nd place at even was Jeff Sucoff, Jeffrey Bee and Marv.   I do believe Marv has placed the winning $ for the non ceremony attending Jeff’s in his pocket so see him.  John Krooth, Eric and Marty who I played with today came in 3rd with a -3.  And then at -7 there was Dan, Charlie and Chick.
Rich was also a big skin winner today with 3 and there was one each to Steve, Dan and Marv.
Friday, March 7, 2014 Results by Terry: Today was my first 18 holes of golf in 2 1/2 months and not that I played well, but I played and I am glad for that.    Always great to play and be out there with the guys.

We started the day with 18 guys, went to 17,then 16, then 15 then back to 16 so was one of those crazy days opposite the 2 day Mizner Cup Tourney the club “tried” to put on ending up with like 10 guys.   We had over a 100 players in this a few years back when it was marketed, hopefully next year we all might know about it so we can join in.
We played 2 best ball and skins and had only 2 skins won with Paul and Joe the skin winners.   In the team game at -22 the team of Jeff Chase, Paul, Stu and his fried Mark won with 2nd place going to Dave, Jeff, Todd and Joe with a -19.  My group with Jeff Bee, Rich and Peter came in at a respectful -15 and last but never least at -14 was Mike Levy, Jon, Bob and John.  It seems John was more focused on the Best Dressed golfer contest which is currently only held on Saturdays.   He did look sharp with his Polo shirt and khaki pants.
The shot of the day goes to Joe as seen in Mike’s email Black Lagoon pictures and also attached below.   This of course, was on our favorite hole, #16.   I did not hear how he did with this water shot, but it take some brass balls to climb into the black lagoon to hit the little white ball.
Joe again shows us why he was named February Golfer of the Month. His abnormal behavior on the 16th hole, as shown in the attached photos, proves that he was worthy. Though he still has not produced the Swiffer knockoffs as promised, I think we can all agree that Joe is a man of the “almost human” people: Zombies, Werewolves, Vampires, Mutants and Martians. Let’s all give a big round of applause to our guy – Joey C.

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Creature from the Black Lagoon (trailer)
After a long deliberation, Joe “Rocky” Colangelo has been named the Golfer of the Month for February, 2014. Despite being sidelined by a sciatic nerve injury, he endeavored to show up on the course to cheer on the group, even giving advice to those of us struggling with our games.

These efforts plus the offer to provide the entire group free swiffer knockoffs plus one year of refills pushed him over the top to narrowly beat out Larry Herman who has been on the winning team ten straight times.
Joe’s injury was brought on by a vicious duck attack as he attempted to retrieve his ball which had landed in the middle of a hostile duck colony. Joe barely escaped and last month’s winner, Harv Snails, was proud to present him with this commemorative shirt to forever remind him of this fearful experience.
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Saturday, March 1 – Terry’s Report: The morning started at the starting area with Mike Levy and Harv presenting Joe with the “duck” tee shirt as reward for his winning the M–W game “Player of the Month” for February.  Harv also displayed his proposed Adidas golf shirt for our group with a very unique logo.   Comments/suggestions were made including changing the inclusion of the eagle to a replica of our Boca ducks.  We look forward to seeing further finalization of the shirt including name, logo and pricing.   Thanks for the work on this Harv.
We have initiated today a new Saturday contest following the fashionable suggestion from our resident “initial” innovator.    Each week we will award a whopping $5 (does that cover a whopper today?) to the “Best Dressed Golfer” in our group.  So each Saturday morning as you peruse your closet wardrobe, choose something lively over the normal drab garments and see if you can out-do your fellow Ricky Fowler.    I will be the judge with welcome comments/suggestions from others and announce the winner post-game at 501E.  Today we awarded the first winner being Harvey who dressed in appropriate pleated shorts and his proposed very neat Adidas group logo shirt. 
Today’s team stableford game resulted in the same score and tie as yesterday; how does that happen!!   The winning teams were again +9 with the team of Larry Herman (do you believe again?), Mike Wolff, Dave and Rich and the other team of Dan Davis, Jeffrey Bee and that guy that says he never wins, Joe!  Last place with me holding them back as with yesterday was the threesome of Stu, Rico and Elliot with a -2.   I had the 2 docs in the same cart in my group as a “Mash” cart.  And also tied with a +3 was the team of Mike Levy, Jimmy Chung, Marv and Chick and the team of Charlie, Harv, Marty and Billy.
There were 3 skins won – 1 each to Rich, Chick and Dan Davis.   Dan – Billy has your $20.
Friday, Feb 28, from Terry:  update is a day late this week due to my running out of time last night and waiting on next week’s tee time confirmation.
Yesterday was the first day for me to be back with the group for 18 holes and it is truly great to be back.   I am only playing 9 out to the 18 holes this week as I continue to recuperate.  I did find as you all know that our Resort course continues to need “surgery” and it even appears normal required maintenance is lacking.  it is a sad situation as the course could be such a premier resort course if only owner/management committed to it.
Yesterday we had 15 game players and me out there playing team stableford and skins.   And we had a tie for 1st place at +9 between the team of Rich, Rico, Case and his guest ringer Alberto Mendoza and the team of Peter, Fred, Dan Davis and John.  Joe, Todd, Larry Herman and Jon finished at +7 and then there was the three some I was with of Jeff, Dave and Billy.   I think I held them back.
There was 4 skins with Dan Davis having 2, Dave and Jeff 1 each.   Jeff – I have your $20.
Next Friday, 3/7 we are at the Resort with a noon starting time due to an outing in the morning.  Please email reply to me if you are or are not playing.
I want to thank Dave and Mike Levy for their great job in coordinating the game in my absence over the last 8 weeks.


Results – February 24, 2014, Reported by Captain Dave – (Mike Levy is taking a leave of absence from his reporting duties to recover from the loss of his range finder on the 8th tee today – he appeared to be emotionally distraught and spent at the table after the round – hardly said a word – if you can believe that).

Winning team was Bob F., Mike Wohl and Dave with a score of +3.  Second place went to Fred, Harv, Mike Wolff and Mike Levy with -12 (Bob – I have your winnings).  Skins were won by Harv, Mike Levy, Mike Wohl (2) and Dave(3).  Good scores today were Mike Wohl (79), Fred (76) and Dave (75, w/ a 34 on the back 9).  It was nice to see Mike Wohl back with us again.  We were beginning to believe that he may be deceased, but are glad to see he is walking among us still.


Today’s Videos courtesy of Google Glass – Audio quality is not good.

My group on the first tee:

Terry visiting on the 18th hole:
After golf at 501 East:


Saturday, February 22, 2014, Boca Resort, Co-Captains Log: We had a mob of 17 would be golfers today on a beautiful South Florida day. Playing team stableford and skins, the team of Charlie, Mike S and Sid came in first at +15. Mike was outstanding shooting a 77. Second place went to Harv,the Hammer, Mike W and Mike L at +9. Third was shared by the Davis twins and the team of Rico, Marv, Steve S and Dave at +7. Fifth place went to Stu the Glue, Crusher, Richie and Jeff B. Other strong scores were posted by Dave at 73 and Mike W at 76.

There were 7 skins posted by Richie, Dan D, Mike W (2) and Mike S (3). Note to Dan D – Rico has your money. Additionally, I am holding $20 each for Paul A and Jon W from Friday. Please remind me to pay you.
Our founding father and mentor, Terry, showed up in a jovial mood today and joined us at 501 East for drinks. He has vowed to come back, stronger than ever. Joe was there to take a few videos of us and to offer his critical assessments. We’re fortunate to have a guy like this show up and offer advice, free of charge, even when he’s not playing.
Larry H wasn’t with us today. His absence prevented him from extending his winning streak. He’s resting up to come back stronger than ever.
Friday, February 21, 2014, Boca Raton Resort & Club, Assistant Captain’s log: today we had 2 threesomes and 2 foursomes slugging it out in warm but windy conditions. The team of Larry H, Billy, Billy’s guest and Case Witt won with the team of Wolff, Wolff and Argy finishing second. The other teams of Rich, John W and Rico; and Mike L, Jeff, Dave and Bob F lost.

There were 5 skins – 2 by Dave and 1 each for Case, Billy and the guest. As several of you may have noticed, Larry has won 7 of the last 8 times he’s played. While the statistical probability of this happening is remote, it is possible, and we certainly could use a few winners around this league. Upon being confronted with this information, Larry stated “don’t worry, I’m leaving town for a few weeks to give you other chumps a chance to win”.
We had an emergency meeting of the Ethics Committee to discuss this issue, and while no suspensions or fines were levied, it was determined that a certain member of our league should be placed on double secret probation.
Wed, Feb 19, Boca Resort: Today we played individual stableford as a fivesome. I must say it was a delight to hold up several threesomes and foursomes that have held us up in the past. Bob Freed won, Dave was second and the 3 Stooges tied for last – Larry, Curly {Mike L} and Moe {Harv}. Skins were won by Dave, Dave, Bob and Mike. There were a few questionable rules violations that will be addressed by the Ethics Committee next week, but no matter the outcome, these results will stand.

Terry came out to visit us on the 15th hole and he looked great. He was driven by Joe, who is suffering from sciatica. Hopefully both of these outstanding fellows will be back with us soon.

3 Stooges.jpg


Monday, Feb 17, Resort Gold Tees; The team of Todd and his guest, Brian, a shark hunter from Cape Cod, won in a best ball format at -13. Brian shot a 74 with 4 birdies in an amazing round, particularly for a guy with a 13 handicap – shades of Marty B. Second at -6 was Bob G and Mike L. Harv and Fred were at -4 and Dave and Mike W were at -3.

Brian won 4 skins, Harv won 2 skins and Dave won 1 skin. Brian is a really nice guy and we all want him to come back and be on our teams.


Sat, Feb 15, Boca Resort – Report by Harv  – My statisticians have been working diligently through the night compiling and analyzing the results of yesterdays matches. Firstly, I’d like to thank you for putting your faith and trust in my ability to step in, with very little notice.We sent out 19 players, 1 threesome and 4 foursomes

John K, Eric the Crusher and Larry the Lottery Winner tied for 1st with a +4. Rich, Steve S, Mike W and James shared in the Winners purse of $180.00 per winning team. Only 1 skin was earned – that person asked to remain anonymous.

Nothing of Human interest happened today. I called for a closest to the pin skin on 15, but it appears that some players did not take note, so my 11 foot shot was nullified but those who should make an appointed with their ENT doctors asap. There seems to be talk of me taking over the lead position on a more permanent basis – I am honored…However, if nominated I will not run , if elected I will not serve !!

I remain, Harv the Snail Paulvin


Terry and the leadership counsel which includes Dave, Harv, Stu and I have studied various allegations of bullying and bad behavior in the Friday and Saturday Leagues and wish to make the following statement:

We are committed to a positive golf league environment where everyone treats each other with respect. We have reviewed our Code of Conduct and policies and are making enhancements to the areas of sports psychology, human resources and player engagement functions which serve as safe outlets for any player or 501 East bartender.

After certain allegations first came to light, league management wanted to know what happened so we could make our organization better. We also began a deliberative and comprehensive process of determining what could be done to elevate conduct in amateur golf, regardless of the then-unknown conclusions of bag room management.

After certain allegations came to light, we approached the New York University School of Law and the New York University Center for Sports and Society led by Arthur Miller, as well as the Jackie Robinson Foundation on ideas to address our concerns about conduct in amateur golf leagues. We wanted to tackle these challenging issues head on and be a driving force for change not only with the Boca Resort, but in all levels of athletics. In working with their research team and lawyers, and with the cooperation of New York University Dean of Law and former White House associate counsel Trevor Morrison in particular, we have researched, debated and consulted dozens of experts and have created a series of initiatives that we will release next week, along with a policy paper examining this issue.

We seek to create a curriculum which emphasizes accountability and which educates our older would be athletes on a standard code of conduct, appropriate use of language, and the elimination of disrespectful and unacceptable behavior in golf, including discrimination or harassment because of race, gender, bad putting or sexual orientation. We are also exploring possible legislation and a conduct pledge that would be instituted in all organized golf leagues throughout the country to elevate the core value of respect.

We will make it clear to everyone within our league that poor behavior, cheating, pumped up handicaps, farting, belching, bad arithmetic in scoring, long socks, ugly shirts, moving the ball, spitting on the green and two shots on skins must never happen again. We are committed to address these issues forcefully and to take a leadership role in establishing a standard that will be a benchmark in all of amateur golf.

Friday, Feb 14, Boca Resort – A new day, same result, 3 straight wins on Friday by Larry Herman’s team. In fact, Larry has come in first 5 of the last 6 times he’s played. Congratulations are in order.

Larry’s winning team of Jerry Krantz, Jerry’s guest, Sid Pepper and himself finished at -27 in two best balls. Second place at -24 was Dave, Bob F, Bob G and Todd. Third at -21 was Mike L, Richie, Larry U and Paul A. Last but not least at -20 was Joe, Dan D and the Stamps Twins.
Two skins were won by Sid Pepper and one each by Todd and Bob F.
Wed, Feb 12, 2014, Boca Resort: The team of Joe, Harv and Mike L defeated the team of Dave, Fred and Bob F in a contest of two best balls. The balls could not be from the same person. Two skins were won by Joe, two by Fred and one each by Bob, Harv and Mike. Attached are photos of a Anhinga {Dave identified the species} shot on 16, while I was out of the hole and had nothing better to do. Additionally there is a photo a duck sitting on her eggs on 9 and a delightful photo of two worldly members of the bar.

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Feb 10, Boca Resort – Co-Captain’s Log: In a 2 best ball challenge, the team of Fred, Mike W and Mike L scored a victory over Dave, Joe and Todd. Mike W had 3 skins, Todd had 3 and Mike L had 1. The more interesting part of this report includes the following photos:

First a trio of the nicest and most well dressed golfers we know – Barry, John and John, looking great on 18 green. This photo will be posted on the home page of
Second is a photo of Harv with a giant snail eating the business part of his ball retriever. At first, I thought he caught the snail, but then I found out that he bought it from an Indian grocery store to have for dinner tonight.

Feb 2014 071.JPG



Saturday, February 8, 2014, Boca Raton Resort & Club: Today we had 2 threesomes and 3 foursomes dueling in the brilliant South Florida sun. The team of Richie, Larry the pencil and Jimmy won the team stableford with a score of +14. Second place went to Dynamite Dave, Rico, Todd and Steve with a score of +11. Dave shot 76 and Rico shot 77. Joe, Crusher, Dr. F and Mike L finished at +10, Charlie, Paul N and Marv at +8 and Stu the Glue, Mark, Chick and Shane at +7.

There were 3 skins won by Charlie, Jimmy and Mike – all with birdies on shot holes.


Co Captains Log, Saturday, February 7, 2014, 8:37 AM, Boca Raton Resort & Club.

Today, the team of Peter, Richie, Larry H and Dave defeated the team of Mike W, Mike L and Todd in team stableford. There were 6 skins, 2 for Larry and one each for the two Mike’s, Dave and Todd. There was nothing of further interest to report.

The only potential problem was that Larry H, a non-certified scorekeeper, was allowed free rein to score for his team with no backup. Dave later said “I was kind of keeping score in my head”, which gave all of us pause. Larry said “I know what I’m doing, I just don’t understand this skins stuff”. Upon a further audit, everything looked like it might be right and the money was paid out.


Co-Captain’s Log: Wednesday, February 5, 2014, Boca Resort,

The team of Joe, Fred and Todd defeated Dave, Harv, Mike W and Mike L by 3 points in a tightly fought battle. Mike W stated “I could have won in individual stableford. You donkeys are holding me back in the team game. Curses on you.”.

Harv kept showing me coconuts, fish and other objects in his ball retriever. I told him “enough, Harv, there will never be another ball retriever story posted. The members are sick of this ongoing saga. Harv was so pissed, he dashed home on his hog, declining after match socialization.
At 501 E, after golf, Joe had his eyes on two semi-hot babes sitting at a corner table. While he was ogling them, one said “Mike, please come over and join us for a champagne”. Recognizing them as well endowed past neighbors, I had to decline, saying that I only drink Sierra Nevada. As I was leaving, they said “who was that cute guy? He looks like the Italian Stallion, Rocky Balboa.”
Well, I said, trying not to barf, “Joe is a very sensitive, happily married man who would indeed like to be called Rocky to accentuate his image of toughness.” They had no clue what I was talking about and we all stumbled out of the bar, preparing to once again play on Friday.

Rocky Balboa.jpg
Monday, February 3, 2014, Boca Resort. The team of Fred, Todd and Harv defeated the team of Dave, Mike L and Joe by the same margin that the Seahawks beat the Broncos. There was a skin or two, but since I fell asleep, I don’t remember who won them.
 As in Dicken’s “A Tale of Two Cities”, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. While I had a terrible round in which I set a course record for missing 18 putts in 18 holes, I also won a box in the bag room’s Super Bowl contest.


The results for Saturday, February 1st are as follows:
On a windswept sunny day, 14 of us played at the Boca Country Club. The day got off to a rough start when we found out that our clubs had not been delivered from the Resort. They finally arrived at 8:45 AM, causing a delay to our rounds. To his credit, John McCurdy III, the Director of Club Operations, a very good guy, came out on the course and assured us that nothing like this would ever happen again. His parting statement was “Heads will Roll”, whatever that means.
While many of us find the CC too challenging for our limited skillset, Mike Wolff tore the course up today, shooting an astounding 73. Also, Steve Sadek, playing to a 26 handicap shot 89 for a plus 9 on his own ball. He was positive that Terry wanted us to play individual stableford today. Congratulations to these fine, over achieving gentlemen. Also, congratulations to Charlie on his 70th birthday.
We played team stableford with the team of Mike L, Richard S, Marty B and Steve S winning with +7. The team of Mike W, Harv, John K and Crusher finished second with plus 5. The teams of Marv, Elliot and Billy; and Charlie, Chick and Rico finished slightly negative. Two skins were won, one by Mike L with a 3 for 2 on hole #3 and Charlie with a 4 for 3 on #16.


Today, Friday, January 31st, 2014, we had 16 players in 4 foursomes playing two best balls and skins at the Boca Raton Resort and Club. Many players shot over their heads resulting in 4 great team scores. The winners at -23 were Richard, Paul, Peter and Bob F. Second at -22 were Joe, Billy, Fred and John W. Third at -21 was the team of Mike L, Jon W, Steve C and Jerry K. Fourth at -18 was the team of Stu and three of his gangster friends. The combined handicap of Stu’s team was 110, but to give them credit, they didn’t have a single three putt on any of the holes they managed to finish.

There were only two skins today, both considered somewhat fraudulent by a host of the members. The first was a 4 for 2 on hole 3 by Peter {I’ll take my 2 shots proudly} R and the second was for a 5 for 3 on hole 16 by Richie {first day I’ve played good in a month] S.
As the sole management representative present today, I would like to commend most of the group for making my job easy. Only one guy said “Terry’s not here, let’s change rule X” and only one other guy said “Bullshit – Terry would have never done it that way”. All in all, a very pleasant day with good guys and good results.


Results will follow after Terry’s thorough editing process. Here are some Google Glass photos and links to a few good videos. After sending some of my best work to Google, I’m ranked 54th out of more than two thousand respondents. Outside of California, I rank 14th out of 112.

Video #1 – a frank assessment of my reporting skills and journalism ethics as stated by Bob Freed
Video #2 – Fred Anton’s Swing – A combo swing patterned on the best of Ben Hogan and Bill Murray
Video #3 – Stu’s Swing – A combo swing patterned on the best of Moe, Curly and Larry

Notice the fluid motion with which Stu loads up for his Mulligan. He could do it in his sleep.
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The Not Ready for Prime Time Players.jpg

Mike Levy Sportsline

Mike Levy Sportsline


Monday, Jan 27, Boca Resort: Today, we played two man, best ball with skins. The game was played with full handicaps, while the skins were played off of Fred’s 6 handicap, throwing the group into confusion. Dave’s clear head prevailed and the results are as follows:

Team winner: Dave {73} and Fred {76} at -9.

Second Place: A tie between Mike W {74}, Harv and Joe, Bob G at -8

Fourth Place: Mike L and Todd at -5.

 There were 5 skins with Bob winning 2 and one each to Dave, Mike L and Mike W.

Saturday, Jan 25, Boca Resort: On a beautiful day, many players had great rounds. Bob G shot 71, Harv P shot 77, Marty B shot 78, Jimmy shot 81 and I shot 78. There were probably more great scores but these were the only guys bragging about it. In fact, Bob G offered me $3 to mention his score in this summary. We had 19 guys today playing team stableford and skins.

The team of Marty, Jeff, Billy and Jimmy won with a +12. The team of Bob G, Mike S, Charlie and a new guy, Harold, came in second with +11. Harold is a really nice guy. It will be interesting to see how long he lasts in this league. Joe, Crusher and I finished third with a +9, Larry H, John K, Dave and Mike W tied with Paul A, Chick, Elliot and Harv with scores of +/- 3. There were two skins won by Elliott {what do you mean? I only get $20?} and a more gracious Marty.

Jeff wasn’t around for the payoff so his $55 winnings went to buy chicken wings for the group. Thanks, Jeff. Just kidding, Jeff. Billy wouldn’t let us get away with it. He is guarding your proceeds. Harv took exception to my remarks of yesterday and challenged me to a duel on the chipping range at sunrise, granting me the choice of weapons. When I picked croquet mallets, he backed off.

One of our more interesting members, Crusher Stone, told me today that the famous Stone Mountain near Atlanta was named after his great great great great grandfather, Ezra Stone, a famous horse trader and mountain man:

Stone Mountain, the site of a cross burning and Ku Klux Klan activities, is a quartz monzonite dome monadnock and the site of Stone Mountain Park in Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States. At its summit, the elevation is 1,686 feet (514 m) MSL and 825 feet (251 m) above the surrounding area. Stone Mountain is well-known not only for its geology, but also for the enormous bas-relief on its north face, the largest bas-relief in the world.[1] The carving depicts three figures of the Confederate States of America:Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and Jefferson Davis.
Friday, Jan 24, Boca Resort: We had 4 foursomes signed up today ready for action. At the last moment, Joe presented himself and volunteered to step in for any degenerate who didn’t show up. At the last moment, without warning, the normally reliable Harv answered Dave’s phone call and stated – I’m old, I don’t feel good, I didn’t sleep, I had too much to drink – and I met this hot babe who wanted to be my first mate – so, sorry, chumps, I won’t be there. Upon hearing this alarming news, Dave turned to Joe, who stated “it’s too late, I’ve made other plans”.

We then started with a threesome and three foursomes, playing team stableford and skins. The team of Billy, Larry H, Pete R and Mike L pulled it out with a plus 6, The team of Mike W, Bob F and Mike S finished 2nd at plus 3. The teams of Dave, Jeff, Stu the Glue and Steve {whoever that is} Brill and the team of Sid, Larry U, Case and Jon W tied for third at minus 3.

Three skins were won by Stu, Mike S and Billy. Our group was able to witness Bill Clinton playing golf {from the white tees} with three convicted felons / former politicians. There were two carts for the players and five carts for a publicist, a photographer, a biographer, a hot babe with a halter top, a caddie, a Boca cop and four secret service agents. A photo of Bill and his buddies is attached. After golf, Mike W hung around 501 East with an autograph pad, but alas, Bill didn’t show.,

A couple of members asked me “Is it possible to just get the results without the extra commentary?” Well. the short answer is “no way”. However, any one can opt out of these reports at any time, other than Stu, Dave or Terry.

Wednesday, Jan 22, Boca Resort: On a beautiful, yet windy and slightly cold day, ten players embarked on a mission to win the big bucks. The end results were less than spectacular, with two teams tied at -10 to tie for first in team stableford. The 3rd team finished at -14. The combined score of -34 set a group record for worst stableford score of the decade. No names will be given because:

1. I don’t want to embarrass anyone; and
2. I forgot who was playing

There were three skins won by Todd, Dave and Mike Wohl
Saturday, Jan 18, Boca Resort: “Great day weather-wise for golf. Started a little chilly but the sun warmed everything up. Pin placements on some holes were very difficult.
Had 16 players sign up so I thought that we could do 2 best ball. But one player was a no- show and two players showed up who were not on the yes confirmation list. So we had 17 players. I had to go into the pro shop and get them to let us take 5 tee times even though all the tee times were filled. They did cooperate and everyone got to play.- only condition on us was that we could only take one ball off the first tee in order to get us started quickly.
There was a tie for first place in the Stableford game (could not play 2 best ball as we ultimately had an uneven number). The tie was between the team of Rich Greene and his guest and Mike Levy and Joe Colangelo and the team of Charlie Chinni, Harv and Dave. Harv had the best round of the day with a solid 77. There were 4 skins. Joe, Jimmy, Charlie and I won skins. Harv thought he had a skin since he made a 3 for net 2 on the 18th hole but Jimmy did likewise so they canceled each other out.”
Friday, Jan 17, Boca Resort: We had 15 golfers today in fairly cold weather. With one threesome and three foursomes, we played team stableford and skins. Due to the $20 payment requirement, no one quit early. The team of Stu, Mike Sims, and two ringer guests finished at +11 to win first place. The team of Fred, Billy and me finished at +10 for second. Richie, Mike W, Bob F and Sid finished at -3 and the team of Dave, Joe, Todd and John finished at +6 despite being +9 through the first nine holes.

Stu had a suspicious look on his face so I asked to audit his scorecard. He said OMG, I left it on the cart. When I asked him how he was going to do skins, he said he remembered everyone’s score on each hole. There were only two skins – Bob Freed with a 3 for 2 on 12 and Joe with a net eagle on some other hole. Bob actually had back to back birdies on 11 and 12. Fred had today’s best score with a 72.
Saturday, Jan 11, Boca Resort: With 22 players, we ended up with six groups, in a Stableford format. The team of Marty, Billy and Larry won with a strong score of +12. Marty once again shot his age of 89 {sorry, I mean 74}. The team of Joe, Mike S, Chick and me finished at +8 for second. Mike W, Richie and Marv were +7, Todd, Jimmy, Steve and Elliott were +6, Crusher {AKA: Turbo} and Charlie were +3 and Dave, Dan John K and Harv {Easy Rider} were +1. There were three skins won by Rich, Elliott and Marty.

Once again, we had a player quit throwing the teams into imbalance. I would like to suggest that everyone let us know in advance if you’re planning to play so that we can insure that we have the proper tee times reserved. I would say that unless you’re certain you can play 18 holes, don’t show up at all. Unexpected dropouts create issues for the rest of us. I would also suggest that if you have dropped out after teeing off on hole one multiple times in a 30 day period, you should take off from golf until your problems are resolved. Pending Terry’s approval, I believe that anyone who quits after starting his round should contribute his $20 to the pot.

Friday, Jan 10, Boca Resort: First of all, congratulations to Terry on a successful operation. We’re all looking forward to his return. Stepping up to the challenge, Dave did a great job in organizing today’s tee times and pairings. We started with 4 foursomes, playing 2 best balls and skins on a rain-free day. Unfortunately, one player who shall only be identified as Bob Z, so as not to embarrass him, dropped out with some sort of an injury causing chaos as will be discussed later.

The team of Dave, Pete, Stu and Larry U finished at -15 for 4th place. The team of Jeff, Bob F and Case {minus the notorious Bob Z} finished at -14 but were due a blind draw. Jeff stated, “I’m an expert at blind draws” . He then proceeded to pick Larry U, which gave his team the winning score of -20. The other 2 teams of Fred, Dan D, Bill S and Todd; and Rich, John W, Larry H and me were of course appalled by the haughty attitude of Jeff {now known as the “Blind Picker”}. We finished tied for second at -19. Curses on you, Bob Z.

There were 4 skins – two won by Bob D and two by Case. Once things were sorted out and the payoffs were made, Crusher showed up, stating that he wanted to play on Saturday, after receiving permission from his wife. He also stated that going forward he wanted to be known as Bruiser. After failing to give a legitimate reason for the change, his appeal was rejected. An alternate, potentially acceptable name is Thunder Man, but only if it’s okay with Terry.

Saturday, Jan 4, Boca Resort: It was one of those Saturday mornings. Started out with 26 players, Todd had to fly up north, Paul had to leave town, Stu got sick and Bob got sick so we ended up with 22 who all played thru a slight rain on the last few holes.

The winning team at team stableford today with a +13 was Mike Wolff, Mike Levy and Charlie who had a great round of 81. There was a tie for 2nd place at +7 with the 2 groups of Marv, John Krooth, Eric and Elliot and Steve, Larry Herman, Marty with a 76 (I want to play like him when I grow up) and Dan. With a +2 was Jimmy, Harv, Jon and Rico, then Jerry, Bill and his grandson Ben. And the last but not least was my group at -2 with Dave, Rich and Jeff.

Shocking with such a large group, we did have 7 skins – one each to Bill, Jerry, Mike Wolff, John Krooth (I have your $20, remind me), Marv, Larry and me.

Equally or more so shocking today was my final game for a few months – an 81 with a 38 on the front nine. The standard question from all up at 501 was – “And you need back surgery?”. Unfortunately yes and I am about ready; the only problem is this recurring nightmare I am having lately – coming out of the anesthesia and seeing Dr. Stu hovering over me asking if the white ones are the teeth, Dr. Elliot hovering over as his cigarette ashes fall onto me and off to the side waiting is Dr. Dan Niejadik!! Scary!
Friday, Jan 3, Boca Resort: Greetings to all as we are now well into 2014. I have heard some interesting stories of New Years Eve activities at the club, sounds like it was quite a night. I was not able to golf today having my pre-op consultation in Ft. Lauderdale so Dave and Mike ran the show. Here is a report from Dave.

We had 15 golfers – Case and Joey were add-ons . We started to play 2 best balls since we had an even number and we wound up playing that game because the first foursome had already teed off when it became obvious that Paul was not going to show. So we did a blind draw at the end.
Jeff Sucoff was in the threesome they came in last without the blind draw – 10 shots behind the second place group. Jeff did not want to even do the blind draw since he thought that they could not make up the 10 shots. We had to coerce him into doing the blind draw. He drew Ben (Billy Stamps nephew) who improved their score by 11 shots making Jeff, Rico Verde and Jon Wolff the second place winners with a -17. Joe, Pete, Larry U. and Bob Freed were the winners with -23. My group finished third, thanks to the blind draw, at -16 and Mike L.’s group (which we all thought would be the winners at the start) finished last with -12. It was very windy!!!
There were 5 skins with Bob F., Dave and Ben each winning one skin and Pete winning 2 skins. So Pete was the big winner for the day. Notable rounds were 81 for Freed, 79 for Ben, 78 for Joe and 77 for me. Decent scores all in difficult conditions.

Next Friday you are at the Resort starting at 11:30. By then, I plan on being well on the road to my 8 week+ with no golf recovery, but having to stay at home. I plan on being able to keep busy setting up the weekly golf outings while Dave and Mike run the show, however please reply to Dave at , Mike Levy at and myself if you are or are not going to play.

I also want to thank everyone for the great support thru emails, calls, etc. (Stu even bought me a drink) wishing me well and offering support for my surgery next week. It is the friendship of so many great people like you and others that will keep my spirits up and expedite my recovery back to the group. I do hope to come back and become a better golfer in spite of what Joe tells me. Thank you, thank you and I will miss you all.